to do

  1. be a doctor
  2. get that biochem minor
  3. go on an archaeological dig
  4. learn Spanish
  5. learn French
  6. learn Italian
  7. save a life
  8. scrub in
  9. sew something... or someone?
  10. go to Italy
  11. do it again! 
  12. and again!
  13. okay, just go live in Italy
  14. give a tour of a museum. on accident. which explains why people were following you. (not just the paranoia)
  15. be published in a medical journal
  16. do real person research. not just for a summer, for a year.
  17. be published as a first author
  18. present a poster at a conference
  19. live in a third world country 
  20. gain some perspective
  21. get dengue. wait, that's not good. oh hell, it happened anyway.
  22. work as a doctor in a third world country
  23. gain some perspective
  24. work as a doctor in an inner city in the US
  25. gain some perspective
  26. work as a volunteer in a third world hospital
  27. gain some perspective
  28. be a med student in an inner city in the US
  29. gain some perspective
  30. find out what kind of doctor I want to be
  31. study abroad (FAIL)
  32. okay then, do a rotation abroad
  33. travel. a lot. and go to every single museum before people threaten to sever all ties with you
  34. Greece
  35. Spain
  36. Ireland
  37. Portugal
  38. PerĂº
  40. France
  41. stay in a castle!
  42. Switzerland
  43. Germany
  44. Costa Rica
  45. Colombia
  46. be the next Joan Didion. Or Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Or Abraham Verghese. Or Isabel Allende. Or Barbara Kingsolver. Or a mesh of them all.